First 2D Game – Development / Postmortem

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For my Foundations of Games class, I was tasked with using a game concept previously used in the class to come up with 5 unique levels and art assets. My project, currently untitled, used the 2D game level template and chronicles a child’s journey away from the pains and perils of life, up to the stars. The game is rendered in a pixel art style, and created using Unity.

Below is the background art used for 4 of the 5 levels, as well as screenshots from the game.

As this was my first major project in Unity, I had no knowledge of scripting or scaling of art assets, which caused the overall outcome of the project to suffer. However, gameplay reflected the calming, exploratory tone I was aiming for. If I were to return to this project, I would add sound, implement code that allowed for collection of stars, improve the UI, and scale back the size of the backgrounds.

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